Saturday, July 31, 2010

home feels great.

the moment i open my room, tears dropped.
it felt like a century ago since i left
in fact, it's just a few days.
i put down my bags of clothes
clean my feet and then laid flat on the bed.

there's absence of sleepiness but
tranquility is what I've been looking for.
stared at the ceiling for a bit, thought of the recent event.
i did what i should do, also what i shouldn't
the thing is, didn't do well.
my heart was heavy.

it's only after I've been in University,
i realized that there's almost nothing to make me a smart ass
low ability of understand, slow intelligence
most importantly, poor adaptability.
that's me right there.

lost count on the number of time crying.
lessons learned to ditch crying were not useful anymore
pinching tights is especially a lie
trust me, much strength is needed
when everything upsets you.

eye sights were drawn towards my study table
it was as messy as my thought.
spend some times to tidy up
and my mood recover bit
i thought i could replenish my room
it would be the great thing to do.

clearing my cupboard.

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