Thursday, September 9, 2010

dental visit.

today, i went to the dentist for my braces appointment made two months ago. I was driving there and thought of how my dad warned us about the outstanding of summons. He always advises to park further rather than getting summon. so i wanted to be the obey one this time, i parked far at the residential area.

i was passing by this back street with my handbag. the message about snatcher quickly hit my mind and i watched out. i was right! as soon as i crossed the road and a motorist tried to snatch my bag! fuck. it was all i shouted in my heart. i was lucky that he didn't get anything. but i was traumatized. and i really meant it. my leg shivered all the way even i'm already in my car. i hardly feel my legs.

aside from that experience, there's another thing about visiting dentist today. i'm a bit pissed off that they kept me waiting for more than ever. it happens every time. I felt like i'm wasting so much time for such high pay service. sigh..

well this time, i got a spring on my teeth and i thought it will be fun to play with. but hell no, it makes me screamed when i was trying to press the spring and hit on the metal was terribly painful..

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