Thursday, July 28, 2011

a trip to Ipoh.

had a simple trip to ipoh with my family last weekend. my mum wanted to go to this hill where 'cham hiong' is planted, which she found out through magazine on a random day. cham hiong is a kind of tea/tree by the way. so, no harm to tag along since i've nothing to do. but my true intention was to eat ipoh famous chicken rice, -.-

my dad camwhore with me! did yours? lol.

truthfully, i'm really not interested with the tea. this place keeps me cold, so i stayed. this happened to me everytime. i tend to show interests towards lifeless places when i get too hot under the sun. like, i tend to suggest to go to the museum, so lifeless but i'll kiss every corner of the place just because of the powerful air-conditioner. i don't know about others, but i've always feel comfortable with temple, museum, art gallery and airport.
that's when i've no choice. a guy drove us up the hill and that's where every one is interested. a tree of wealth. it's said that it boosts your wealth after you hug it. i learned that there're many uncles and aunties go up regularly because they are die hard gamblers. le sigh.
abit ridiculous to me, but when in rome do as the romans do. 
i've always wanted to snap pictures of this kind of vehicles, and it's finally realized.
was so excited they're quite clean parking everywhere in the place!
it was such a huge place.

oh, second intention was to take photograph haha.

group photo. far relatives.
headed down to ipoh town for food.

and that's when my sister and i took a bus back to KL whereas my parents, aunts and uncles continue their journey to lenggong, hometown.

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