Friday, August 24, 2012

even i don't know why.

seriously, i can't wait the day to come and i could meet bigbang at jakarta with my sis. i think she's probably by far my loveliest companion for this trip. it's a free trip and concert i won it through a radio contest, i never thought i will ever take part in. at first i was having a real dilemma about who to bring along since dearest sis doesn't know who bigbang is. i only wanna enjoy my concert especially if i can get to see jiyong from the front row, which is something i'd anticipated more than ever.

well it seems to other i'm a hardcore fan of bigbang. but i don't know. i just fell so deep that i can't believe the whole year around my emotions were controlled by them. i always thought i have a strong mind but even i don't know why. i really really like my imaginary boyfriend. 빅뱅, 지용 

picture credit to BIG Bang's facebook


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