Friday, June 17, 2011's secret.

i stood in the shower, underneath the spray of water, i used to shut my eyes long enough to think about one nice thing i'm feeling about my day. i saw him today and every single dream i had with him inside started running wild in my mind. i thought everything changed after so long but turns out they're still there. i knew it because the long lost feeling returned to me when i'm home.

i sat on my bed after the shower, water still dripping out of my long hair and uncombed. at first i didn't know it was the same feeling until i went replaying my memories in my head. my hair stood on its end the minute i reckoned they're what i used to go through at the end of the day each time we met.

the same. mixed. feeling. i felt happy that we talked, we looked into each other, we walked together. but at the same time, felt sad that we didn't have time to have heart to heart talk, to feel the true feelings about each other through the eyes and to walk with our hands held tight. it was two years ago i pondered about how all these feels like but stopped that thought when i know he had a girlfriend. it's silly, i didn't know he's still my crush. i 'm not sure know how real it is though.

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