Thursday, February 9, 2012

it's been awhile.

everytime i close my eyes to go to sleep, i pick up my favorite memory to think about.

sometimes it is when i was walking in the crowd at night market and he came up behind and wrapped his arms around me. i put mine above his to help keep him warm. he nuzzled his nose in my hair and then pulled me closer and even pressed his head against mine. how much he used to make me matters.

sometimes it is when i was standing by the railing at the hill top, feeling the space around me and he tickled me out of a sudden. he grabbed my waist as soon as i turned round trying to tickle back. he drew me close and i snuggled in more.

sometimes it is when we were racing back to our place passing through one of the dark street in another city. i remembered there were three stylish youngsters stood by their gate watching us and of course i couldn't beat him. we fall onto each other at the end of the race and my legs no longer freezing.

sometimes it is when i was sitting close to him in the car and he held me. i'm not sure if he realized that. he never held my hand before because we never started. i'm particular but i allowed it for once as his hands were cold but mine were colder damn.

sometimes it is when i was looking out for trains and directions to find him and saw the face awaiting for me as i opened the door. he asked if i came back alone and i've always thought that, he was worried. i smiled i missed him so much we were separated for one day.

sometimes it is when we were cycling around the silent neighborhood. the wind blows and under a bit of rain, he told me i'd be good as long as he don't fall, he added. every often he called me to watch out of bumpy road because i was busy taking photos. i thought it's so sweet of him.

but most of the time it is when he was looking genuinely happy right in front of my eyes as it would be the most natural thing on earth.

these lasting memories have been stuck in my mind for a month now. i had fun then and i told everyone about it. one of them said because i went with the right one. but a right one won't ruin my mood before going on vacation. and not made me feel bad on the first night itself. not what more staying one day away me out of four to go god knows where. a real good one would tell me he misses the stay as much as i do even if the weather is too cold and the food sucks there.

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