Monday, February 20, 2012


yesterday was a special clubbing night of all my previous experiences. sometimes i didn't like about going to a club, especially the smokers and strangers. i don't really dance nor drink. when i got inside the club,  the rest started tossing their glasses and i took the opportunity to sink myself in the loud environment. take a break from my life as usual.

until one of my girl friend got tipsy and started grinding on the guys at the dance floor. it was a club, dancing was something we loved to do. me and another friend's eyes met and we both were astounded to see such a different person in her. i thought i don't want to be over protective about my girl friends, so i watched them.

after a while the drinks had put effects to all my friends, one after another. i was about to go crazy taking care of these unsound human and i sort of gave up at one point. i had some fun time watching them do what they're doing right there with other sound human. they're having absolute fun in their world i didn't want to disturb and they looked cute that way.

later did i find out that one of them was deadly drunk outside the club and that had to put the party to an end. everything after this was what seems to make me stone till the rest of the day. the way they transformed into someone else, falling all over the place, making noises and puking everywhere. i swear they were so loved before this alcohol thing takes over them.

one of them forced to sleep over at my place, i sat next to her and talk to her like an idiot to test if she's still responsive. as expected she had no recollection of what she had done the next morning she woke up. all these happened before my eyes, i can tell how dangerous she would have been if i were a different gender.

the picture of me staring at her senseless body is kind of disturbing so i had a long night. also from waking up to check if she's fine, to hiding from my parents that i've a drunken friend, to worrying about not answering the caller of her phone and to endless recalling the drunken face.

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